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Why are TVs NOT precalibrated at the factory?

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Tip from Michael TLV:  No TV absolutely needs to have a professional come in to fine tune it. They are built to meet a certain tolerance and that is all.

If you want your set more finely tuned ... then you either do it yourself or you pay a pro to do it.

If I want my car more finely tuned ... same deal.

If we wanted to add the cost of this so called ISFing to the cost of the set ... TV's go up in price by $200 to $500. The low end for tube TV's ranging anywhere from $200 to $1300.  The high range for RPTV's.

If you want to do this, then the TV's must stay in the factory assembly line for 2 to 5 hours more. Consider factory labor costs and what that translates to at a pricing level and something that costs $100 in additional labor now costs $500 for you.

This is also the same reason why manufacturers many years ago, could not add a better line doubler to a particular TV because it would make the TV too expensive at retail. The cost difference for the line doubler in question was a $5 type versus an $13 type. After manufacturing was accounted for, this would raise the cost of the TV $150 which was not acceptable at the time. (They were shooting for a $5000 price point ... and $5150 was too much.)

Now if offered the choice, 99.9% of all consumers would rather save the money on the TV than pay the premium.

Which brings us right back to where we started. Why make 100% of the paying public buy something that only 0.01% of the people really want?

Add to this ... the effects of shipping, temperature changes, viewing environments, and breaking in periods ...

So now the manufacturer has to factor in sending a tech to your home 30 days after the sale for this work. Figure 2 to 6 hours of the tech's time and we are looking at that same $200 to $500 premium again.