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Feedback on Michael TLV's Northeast 2001 Tour

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The Keohi HDTV coordinated tour (5-20 May 2001) was a complete success.  

"Yes, the much anticipated two week tour is now over. Whew! I'm sure Michael will second that sentiment since he covered quite of bit of miles to deliver video nirvana or pretty darn close to it to a lot of folks between Mass and Virginia.

I could have posted here right after my calib two weeks ago but I wanted to wait until after the tour to ensure that the tour goes smoothly for everyone. It also doesn't help that I'm inundated with work.

At any rate, post calibration results confirmed and reaffirmed my opinion that Michael is one of the best if not THE BEST calibration expert in the field. My set has never looked better. You can't quantify it. You just have to see it to believe it!

Armed with a laptop, Philips analyzer, CA1, and an HD generator, he performed his magic on the set. Tweaks performed include grayscale, convergence, disconnecting SVM, color/tint correction, mechanical focus, electrical focus, designer menu adjustments for user menu defaults, plus lenstriping and H-TLV maneuver. The last two of course are services unique to Michael TLV. Only he offers these on his menu of services that go beyond your basic calibration.

After the 4 hour session lasting into 2am, he popped in a few DVDs to showcase the improvement on the set. Needless to say, a big smile on my face came on immediately. Colors are true, blacks are black, details are more evident, misconvergence are absent. Same goes for HD material. PBS loops and CSI were great then. They are even more mesmerizing now. Excellent work Michael!

Okay, for those thirsting for some numbers, please see below. Note the graph that follows. =)

100 6500 16500 6680
95 6500 16250 6450
90 6500 15280 6410
85 6500 13900 6280
80 6500 12780 6170
75 6500 12000 6180
70 6500 11250 6110
65 6500 11080 6200
60 6500 11200 6200
55 6500 11800 6280
50 6500 12600 6330
45 6500 13700 6390
40 6500 15200 6520
35 6500 16500 6710
30 6500 16500 6760
25 6500 16500
20 6500 16500

What follows now are the Lens Striping data.  Notice how the numbers were tamed to hover close to 6500K.

lenstriping_errol.gif (17445 bytes)

On a side note, Michael is very nice guy. Mild mannered, well spoken, and intelligent. Had a great time talking to him about HD and some insights on the trade, plus a whole host of other non-HD topics. After all, we do have lives outside of HD right? It was a pleasure having him over for the weekend and at the tail end of the tour.

I highly recommend Michael to anyone thinking about getting their sets calibrated even to those who have had their sets calibrated already."

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