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Sima Corporation VS-721EX
Video Switch

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Here is a new offering from Sima Corporation, the VS 721EX.  A 7-input audio/video video selector.

Product highlights include Component Video Switching, Automatic Input Sensing, Volume Stabilization, Digital Audio, Computer Control and Analog and Digital Interface.

Sima Corporation VS-712EX

Below is information from their website:

The VS-712 EX Audio/Video Selector meets today’s A/V switching requirements and has the advanced features to handle tomorrow’s trends. 7 A/V inputs are independently mapable to record or view outputs. Coordinating any home theater system adding flexibility and trouble-free wiring management. The layout of the sleek brushed aluminum front panel is intuitive and easy to operate, and the front input jacks allows quick connection of portable devices like a digital camera.


Digital Inputs, Outputs and Component Video
Many A/V receivers and TVs do not have multiple digital audio and component video inputs. As a result, adding a new piece equipment can force the need for the entire system be upgraded. The VS-712 EX handles both optical and co-axial digital audio, as well as high bandwidth HDTV component video.

Automatic Input Sensing
When you turn on a piece of equipment, the VS-712 EX detects the new device, turns on and automatically activates that input, without the need to push any buttons. Here’s how: Turn on your VCR and the VS-712 EX selects the VCR input and feeds it to the VIEW output. Turn on your DVD unit and it will automatically select the DVD. Or select any input using the I/R Remote or the front panel buttons. The RECORD output is dedicated to the manually selected input, so recording is not interrupted by VIEW changes.

Automatic Volume Stabilization
Too often we strain to hear soft dialogue in the movies, but cringe when the special effects kick in. Auto Volume Stabilization enables the VS-712 EX to generate a more enjoyable balance by moderating the dynamic audio range. The volume compression setting pulls loud and soft sounds toward a mid-point in the dynamic range. (Loud gets softer, soft gets louder.) The volume expansion setting enhances the extremes. (Loud gets louder, soft gets softer.)

Two Independent Output Channels
Two outputs let you select one source for viewing (like the DVD) to watch on your TV and a second source for recording (like the DSS) to feed to your VCR for recording at the same time.

Video Up Converting
Unlike other low-end A/V switchers, the VS-712 EX’s unique circuitry does video signal conversion automatically. This is useful when the home theater has a combination of composite video, s-video and component video signals. Composite video will be converted to s-video and component, and s-video will be converted to component. This allows the television to be set to one input, regardless of the video type.