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Inline Video Switch

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Tip from an enthusiast:  "I called Inline tech support and asked if the IN3582 works with component type signals before I purchased it, and they said "Yes" it will work with component video. The only thing you need to make sure to do is run the Component Green ("Y") through the synch terminals because green carries synch on component input.

Further, if you read the specs, the auto switching works on a signal with a voltage from .2 to 5 Vp-p. My Sony DVD player sends out a signal of 1 Vp-p on the Y component signal.

Finally, if it's worth anything to you, I have this unit and am using it. I have had a Sharp TU-DTV1000 HDTV decoder and a Sony DVP-S7700 hooked to inputs 1 and 2 respectively and the things works flawlessly. Further, if you don't even plug the thing in, it passively sends through the input 1 signals to the output signal.

I have also hooked up a Toshiba 5109 and Sony DVP-S7700 DVD players to inputs 1 and 2 for A-B comparison and again it worked great!"