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Inday Component Video Switch

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Inday RGB4X-R video switcher

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"It is compact, simple to use, remote controllable, affordable, and actually works ...


"a definite must have for anyone who has more component out devices than their display can support"

So, you've got your your set top box, your htpc, your progressive dvd player as well as your interlaced player. Unfortunately, most display sets only have one or perhaps two component inputs, if you're lucky.

So, how do you feed your video devices to the set? Let's see.... You can try the plug, unplug, replug ritual, but that gets tiresome, unwieldy, and very annoying after only a few times.

So, how about getting a component switcher?  As you've probably realized already, most rca switchers on the market are not spec'ed for the high bandwidth requirements of HDTV.  Now, there are a handful of component switchers that were recently rolled out. They however are a bit pricey.  So, in frustration, you join the ranks of many who lie in wait for one that is reasonably priced to become available.

Well, the wait is over ...

Inday, makers of high performance switchers and video/audio distribution amplifiers, has developed a component video switcher that allows up to ... count them .. up to four (4) component out devices to tie into your display component input. It is compact, simple to use, remote controllable, affordable, and actually works.

Here are the specs:

  • HDTV Analog (Y,PbPr or RGB) 4-Input to 1-Output Switcher
  • Accepts progressive or interlaced input
  • Works with programmable remotes
  • Small:  6"L x 4"W x 2"H
  • Gold Plated RCA connectors; 75 ohms; color coded
  • Frequency response:  DC-230MHz at +/- 3dB.

Inday offers two models: the RGB4X and RGB4X-R. The R suffix for the 2nd model signifies that it comes with its own remote control and is ideal for systems that operate on discrete IRE codes to switch inputs.  In fact if you have a pronto, Inday has the ccf file you can download straight from their site.

The RGB4X-R is the model I tested. Delivery was fast. It came within two days in a well-insulated box. Contents of the box are shown in the pictures on the left.

After initial inspection and reading the simple but well-written instructions, I took the components to the home theater lab.

Test Configuration

I connected the RCA DTC-100 set top box*, the HTPC*, and an interlaced player to inputs 1-3 of the switcher. I then connected the single component out of the switcher to a component input of the Toshiba TW65x81. I powered the components, loaded the required media, and applied power to the switcher.


So does the switcher work? Yes, it does! The switcher allowed me to view and switch between the video inputs. I was able to switch from the over the air HD broadcast via the DTC-100, a DVD on the HTPC, and a DVD from the interlaced player.

Switching was fast and you can do it with either the remote or the button on the switcher front panel. There was little lag going from one input to the next.

This model comes with its own remote. The overall size of the remote is just right. The buttons are also just the right size, not too big or small.  The buttons have a nice tactile feel to them, not clunky or mushy.  What's nice about the remote also is that each input has a button position assigned to it so you can access the input you want directly.  No need to cycle through the other inputs to get to the video source you want. 

The main sitting area is about 15 ft from the switch and the tv set.  Remote response however is very good at that distance. As mentioned earlier, there is very little lag in switching between inputs ... certainly much faster compared to the switching circuit in the Toshiba set.

The switcher has a large green LCD on the front face that allows one to see which input is selected.  It is a nice feature. I just wish logic is built into it so that it dims after a few seconds. Unfortunately, there is no way to dim it.

If you buy the base model without the remote, don't despair. You can still control the switch remotely. Inday designed the switcher so that it works with most programmable remotes. So, if you have one that it'll recognize, then you can program one of its "input" buttons (e.g., VCR, Cable, etc.) to act as its remote control. Pretty cool!

Another neat feature of this switcher is that it has the ability to be programmed to power up a selected input.  So, not only is it a switcher, it can also be a device on/off switch.

Enough on the interface, how about the picture? Compared to the excellent image from a direct feed to the set unmolested, the image through the switcher is the same. In other words, the switcher introduced no artifacts that I could detect. The image is clean and crisp. No image quality degradation.  No image shift or synch problems.  It does what it is supposed to do and that is to switch between inputs without impacting the image.

In terms of support, it is reassuring to know that Inday stands behind their products and they back it up with a satisfaction guarantee.


Given the product's performance, price, and support, I give this product a thumbs up.  Way up.

The Inday switcher is a definite must have for anyone who has more component out devices than their display can support.

For more information about this and other Inday products, please visit their website at

* Set top box and htpc outs are RGB but are converted to component via Audio Authority transcoders.