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Audio Authority Switch

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Tip by Rick Davis:  "Those of you who, like me, now have more set-top boxes than they have HD inputs on the back of their TV might appreciate having the Audio Authority Model 954 component video and digital source switcher.

This unit has 4 component video/and either Toslink or coaxial audio inputs and one component video/coaxial audio output. I ordered mine directly from Audio Authority for $246 including shipping. This price included the source switching module, one power pack, and 4 2.5-meter switches. 

The only minor annoyance associated with adapting this unit to the home theater environment is the requirement for gerryrigging a makeshift switchbox to house the push-button switches which are shipped with the unit. I went to a local electronics store and purchased a 2" by 5" plastic box for about $7, drilled 4 holes in the top of it, and ran the switches through the holes on the top of the box and ended up with a functional (if not very elegant) switchbox.

I then mounted the source switcher module on the wall behind my home theater setup and attached the leads from the switchbox to the module. I ended up with a very nice solution for feeding multiple component video/digital audio output sources into one input.

I’ve presently got a Unity Motion HDTV receiver, a Toshiba 5109 DVD player, and soon (I hope) a General Instruments HDD200 HDTV decoder feeding into the HD1 input on my Toshiba TW56X81 HDTV set. So far the Audio Authority switcher has performed flawlessly and I’ve noticed absolutely no signal deterioration as a result of feeding the various sources through the switcher. While this is a product that was obviously designed for the video showroom setting, it is quite easily adapted for the home theater setting as well."  Rick's site has pictures of this switch.