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Altinex Video Switch

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This product has gotten mixed reviews.  One owner gives it a thumbs up while one does not.  Read their reviews below, contact them if you'd like, and decide for yourself.

Positive Review

Tip from Richard Harvey:  "I received my Altinex auto-VGA switcher yesterday and here are some thoughts on the unit.

  • The unit is very compact which make it easy to hide behind any other equipment as there is no need to access the device once it's installed.
  • It uses a small plug in transformer so it will require an outlet.
  • The unit I purchased has a loop through output of port #1 which in my configuration allows me to always display the output of my HTPC to my 17" multi-sync monitor.
  • The signal sent to the second (switched) output is either input port one or two depending which one is on, AND the unit defaults to port 2 if both are on. Now in my case the HTPC is always on (connected to port #1) so when I turn to the DTV input on the Mit's I see my windows desktop. When I turn on my DTC100 (connected to port #2) the switcher changes to port two (both on but defaults to 2) and bingo there is my DTC signal.
  • When the switcher switches there is a click sound, no big deal but it is not silent.

Now the important stuff:

Picture quality is perfect. I did a direct test with the switcher in the circuit Vs. direct connect and I can see NO signal loss. Low lighted scenes are exactly the same, no additional pixellation, artifacts, lost coloration or false colors as I experienced with the Linksys KVM box.

Overall I'm totally pleased with the unit and would highly reccommend it to anyone that needs to switchVGA signals. The company also makes a unit that has two switched ports rather than the pass through port. Both units sell for $365.00, a little better price than the Extron units and seem to be of the same high quality.

Negative Review

Tip from Reese Gautschi:  "Well, I can't concur with the comments above about the Altinex switcher. Based on the comments I purchased the Altinex switcher for use with the 56" Sony KP56HS10. I'm using the RCA DTC100, an iSCAN plus and a Dreamcast into the Video 5 input.

This switcher must be designed for computer input only, because it drives the levels for contrast, brightness and sharpness to levels that can't be adjusted back down. I would dare say that anyone who has invested into ISF calibration and then buys this switcher will be wasting their money.  It throws the picture out that much.

This is a $350.00 switch that SHOULDN'T be used for this, or any other HD or SDTV using RGBHV.

My SONY, through the iSCAN has a wonderful picture utilizing DVD, Dreamcast, TIVO and DSS sources. Unfortunately, when adding the switcher, the pre-ISF calibrated settings make the picture bloom...sharpness, brightness and contrast ALL are way out of whack. Where it stands, I would say the Altinex is unusable. "

When Resse asked Altinex about this, here is what he got:

"Dear Reese,
No, the Unit that we have has a gain of 7% in signal. This is done to compensate for the long wire run of cables. So if the input cable is 1 volt (requiring a 75 ohm termination) then output signal is fixed at 1.07 volts. This controls the contrast of the signal. As the cable becomes longer, the signal drops and the contrast goes down. Also the sharpness goes down because of loss of signal of the high and low or mid frequency range.

David Casanares"

So based on the reviews above, try to get as much feedback from other folks who own this and make sure that it meets your strict requirements before getting one.