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Just a few words before entering the forum.
However, if you'd like to enter the forum right away, please click here.
I however would urge you to read the info below to learn more about our site.

Hi ya folks,

Why Another Forum?

Technically speaking, it really isn't a new addition to our site but a resurrection since we did have a forum circa 1999. I, however, decided not to continue it so that I could concentrate on the mission of the site.  And that is to develop a repository of tips and tweaks with sizable breadth and depth beyond just a few pages and share them with the home theater community.

Opening this forum is by no means an attempt to compete against the forum sites already in existence. I support and will continue to support sites who are committed to helping home theater enthusiasts learn and obtain information from an online community willing to share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

I too am a home theater enthusiast and believe that arming ourselves with as much information as we can can never be bad. Through forum sites like this, we all win in enhancing our understanding of not only what we can do to get closer to home theater nirvana but also how we can prepare for upcoming technologies that might shape our passion in the future.

So why open one?  The Tips and Tweaks site is still the heart of our site.  It however isn't interactive.  A forum is.   Enthusiasts, tweakers, and experts can more readily exchange information in a forum.  Hence, our new forum is merely an extension of our site fulfilling our mission to provide a place where enthusiasts and video experts alike can freely exchange information and ideas.

Is it for money?  A resounding no.   Our site is not driven to generate revenue. 

Our mission has always been to provide a free service to the home theater community providing a central location, a clearing house if you will, where they can gather and/or contribute valuable, practical, and useful information to help better their home theater experience.

From day one, our site has been a free service to the home theater community.  That still rings true today.  Our site is and will remain a free service by an enthusiast for enthusiasts.

I don't make money off this site, not even with some help from our sponsors.  If I were to quit my "day job" and rely solely on the proceeds of this site, my family would starve.  Proceeds from sponsorships cover just some of the costs associated with maintaining the site.  The rest is out of hide.

Since I own this site and all resources associated with it, there are no pressures to meet quotas of any kind to generate revenue.  So, don't worry, the site will be here to help you no matter what.

Simple Request

If ... you've found our site useful and has helped you in some way, I respectfully ask that you share your experience, knowledge, and other useful tips or tweaks so that others may benefit from them. 

I don't expect or want anything from the members.  If however you've found our site useful and has helped you in some way, I respectfully ask that you share your experience, knowledge, and other useful tips or tweaks so that others may benefit from them. 

And that primarily is what the site is about.  Sharing information.   You're here because you are interested in HDTV or home theater.  That is the common bond between you and those who visit this site.  Between our experts' wisdom and expertise and the members' knowledge and experience, I hope that we can enhance and find our own personal home theater nirvana.

So, please feel free to register and participate. Please read the Forum Rules first before registering.

Membership Categories

  • Members - that's pretty much all of us.   =)
  • Video Specialists - video technicians or individuals with applicable technical qualifications
  • ISF Calibrators -  video technicians certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) after attending their training seminar.
  • Panel of Experts - Our esteemed Panel of Experts, most with specialties beyond basic ISF calibration, will lend a hand in addressing general as well as technical issues throughout the site including and especially our forums.

>> Notice that other than regular members, the folks running the show are primarily calibrators and expert video calibrationists.  Well, who'd be better equipped to answer questions and help enthusiasts than the experts themselves.  So, rest assured that topics will be addressed by the experts backed by wisdom and experience.

Forum Layout/Organization

As far as forum organization goes, I've tried to create categories and subordinate forums that are logical and flow smoothly. We cover a gamut of topics but since Keohi HDTV is about HDTV Tips and Tweaks, we have a section specific to hdtv manufacturers.  This is where folks discuss various topics about their specific sets.  Some tweaking may be done along the way, but we will stick to this for now.


Please note that we don't actively seek sponsors.  If they approach us and are willing to help our readers, then that's good.  I also communicate and pre-screen them before they become an official sponsor of our site.

So, why have it at all if the site is not motivated to generate revenue?  Good question.

Site sponsorship accomplishes a couple of things:

  • It helps defray the cost of maintaining the site.  That's obvious.
  • The other reason is to make available and known to our readers a select list of good vendors who are reputable and are a known quantity to the home theater community.  The readers and vendors mutually benefit.  The readers gain access to good sources for home theater equipment while vendors help them meet those needs, gain exposure and grow their business.  It's a win-win situation for both.

Please support our sponsors by buying products or services from them.

If you'd like to become a sponsor of our site, please feel free to contact us.

Words of Appreciation

Special thanks to our sponsors for helping defray some of the costs associated with running our site.

Special thanks also to our forum contributors and experts for their continued support

And finally, advance thanks for your support.  We hope this recent addition will help you in some way get the information you need to help you learn more about home theater, learn what ails your set and how to remedy it, or eek out that last ounce of performance out of your tv for you to reach that ever elusive home theater nirvana.


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