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Careful with that Remote

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With the ease of use the remote control devices provide, folks are getting more and more daring in their attempt to tweak their sets.  One must be careful though for a single mistaken push of a button could send your set spiraling down to image hell.  Here's Mr Bob cautionary advice:

"The days of 'simply hitting buttons on your remote until you get it right' are long past. Today's devices are much too sophisticated for that anymore.

To do that these days will ALWAYS get you in deeper than you already were, if you're in bad shape already, or if you're in good shape but feel like experimenting casually and without the proper safeguards, like writing numerical values down before changing them.

In this case, more trouble than you want to think about can be caused just hitting a button you didn't even know you hit, just because you weren't paying attention or simply becase you happen to have a trigger-happy remocon that maybe gave you 2 hits intead of one.

Two head may be better than one, but two hits may not be.

NOTE:  You may also want to read about the potential for losing the RF/composite inputs on your Toshiba system via the Pronto or a comparable all-in-one remote.