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Focus vs. Grayscale

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"While e-mailing with Paul H. in Atlanta, I told him that I would take a closer look at the interaction between the focus control on the Toshiba RPTV and the grayscale. Up until now, I've read here and there about how the grayscale could be affected, so it was time for my own real time empirical tests.

Using the VE disc, I used the 100, 80 and 40 ire plates and changed only the electronic focus in the TV.

With a starting point of the following:

100 ire - 6600K
80 ire - 6400K
40 ire - 6200K

I totally defocused the R G B ... and I took new readings at the max defocus point:

100 ire - 6370K
80 ire - 6100K
40 ire - 5000K

I then half focused the R G B yielding the following readings:

100 ire - 6190K
80 ire - 6020K
40 ire - 5150K

So there ... focus does affect the grayscale. Just like everything else that you do to the TV.    Oh frailty thy name is Grayscale.

More things to keep in mind.