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Color Adjustment by Eye

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This pertains to Panasonic sets, Hitachi sets, Samsung sets, Some Sony sets, Mitsubishi sets, but currently not Toshiba sets.  Pretty much any set that has direct access to the colour decoder parameters.

On some sets there are 4 decoder parameters and on others there are only two.  The parameters are usually denoted with the following nomenclature:

R-Y, B-Y, R-RY, B-RY, B-GY, etc.

The tweak is meant as a fall back position when you find that the combination of r/g/b filters and AVIA / VE still don't produce an acceptable result to your eyes when it comes to decoder adjustments.  It is very likely that sometimes, the results with the filters will simply look wrong ...

Hence the "Eyeball Colour decoder Method."

You will need flesh tone reference in order to do this.  I like to use the Jennifer with Chip Chart frame from the Video Essentials DVD.  This is Title 18, Chapter 23.

I would say that after you have given the filters a shot, come to this frame and look at Jennifer.  Here is where you can fine tune the colour decoder.

Take the first parameter ... say R-Y ... and note where you are starting from.   Now take it from one end of the range to the other and see what it does to her skin tones and the chip chart.  At a certain point it will look best for you.

Now move onto the next parameter such as B-Y ... and move that from end to end ... and se what happens ... you will then settle on a position where things look right to you.  

Once you have eyeballed this ... you are finished with the colour decoder.  Don't worry about the gels ... just enjoy the images ... and everything will now look right to you ... which is what matters in the end.