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Waiting Period before Professional Calibration

Wait time of about 100 hours is a general rule that most suggest to give a brand new set time to "break in" its electronics.  It also helps prevent one from losing the cost of calibration should the set fail thereafter not necessarily related to the calibration.  

Guy writes that "The wait is also intended to allow the very steep initial phosphor aging to occur before grayscale is calibrated. The initial phosphor light output drops rapidly the first few hundred hours. This is normal and expected for a CRT display. If graycale is done during the steep portion of phosphor aging, the results will drift off target as the phosphor continues to age. If the grayscale is done when the process has already slowed, say after a few hundre hours of run time, the change over time of the phosophors will be slower. This means the costly professional calibration will hold true for a longer period of time. Eventually, even that will drift off as the electronics and phosphor ages so a periodic ISF touch up for grayscale is actually desirable.

Until then, be sure to turn you contrast way way down from the factory "torch" settings to avoid burning the phosphors.

The convergence can be done almost immediately provided you allow the set to warm up at least an hour prior to making any adjustments and are comfortable the set will survive the initial infant mortality period."