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Degaussing the TV

"Start with the coil held such that its plane is 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the plane of the CRT. It should be around six feet away from the CRT any time you turn it on or off. Otherwise the magnetic pulse may worsen the magnetization. Once the coil is on, turn it so its plain is parallel to the CRT face.

Move the coil in a slow circular motion much like that used for waxing a car. Gradually move the coil to the face of the CRT.

I find it helpful to display a full 70 IRE pattern to see the discolored regions.

While the coil is near the CRT face, you'll see pulsating patterns of color. Don't worry. It isn't until after you move the coil away that things become colorless. Cover the entire face of the CRT with particular attention to the discolored region.

Don't turn off the coil while it is up against the CRT!

Gradually move the coil away from the CRT while continuing the circular motions.

Swing it to 90 degrees orientation and be six feet away before turning off the coil."