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Basic Calibration - Just Do It!!!

The question of when to do make any basic video tweaks on a set gets asked all the time.  Do you do it right away or wait until the it has been "broken in for a few days/weeks", i.e., 100 cumulative hours of use?  Guy addresses that below:

"There is NO reason to wait for a set to "age" before doing the basic video adjustments like those in AVIA, Home Theater Tune-Up, or VE.

Doing that right away will help get the display down to safe contrast levels. Just remember to redo things after 50 and 100 hours of operation as the tubes will change dramatically during that time. The reason that "calibration" is not recommended until after about 100 hours has to do with professional grayscale alignment. Actually, that could be done immediately. It won't harm the display, but the reason for waiting is economic. The initial rapid change of the tubes light output would quickly cause a grayscale calibration to drift severely in the first 100 hours or so of operation.

Nobody wants to pay for another grayscale calibration so we generally have people wait until the tubes have aged enough that the drift over time has slowed enough that a calibration will hold true for a year or so. Also, that time lets you get a chance to get past infant mortality. You don't want to play for a pro geometry and grayscale calibration only to have a set die shortly therafter from other unrelated causes.

Somehow the idea of waiting to do a professional grayscale and geometry calibration has been corrupted into the oft repeated and incorrect advice to wait before doing the basic video adjustments. This isn't quite urban legend, but just ill advice based inappropriately generalizing an idea.

Basic Video Adjustments on a new display --- Just do it.

And yes, I did mean to say a year or so on professional grayscale calibration. They drift over time as the tubes age so having a pro come out every year or so and retouch the grayscale to keep it really tuned in is quite reasoanble. If that is all that is done, the charge shouldn't be too excessive to keep the display tuned.