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Trimpot Orientation Redesign

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When working with the trimpots, always always make sure that you look at the labels on each knob.  Turning the wrong knob of the function you are looking for could "ruin" your set.

A number of recent production TW56x81 units have the trimpot panel REVERSED.  Instead of the Screen VR knobs on top and the Focus knobs on the bottom, the Focus knobs are on top and the Screen VR knobs are on the bottom.  The knobs actually read BGR as opposed to RGB.  This might be a redesign because the panel does not read upside down.  All the letterings are right side up.

This is contrary to what the service manuals depict.   We can only speculate that this along with convergence grid errors in the manual probably caused Toshiba or the manual publisher to discontinue the service manual.

At any rate, unknowingly and unintentionally turning the Screen VR knobs while trying to adjust the focus will wreak havoc on the grayscale.  This will consequently require an expensive visit from an ISF calibrationist.  And unless one has the defaults for that TV recorded some place, there's no guarantee it will be restored.