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Convergence Check

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Tip from Paul Hives:  "I thought it might be good to let people now how to determine if their convergence is correct.

  • Select green cursor.

  • Using button '3' on remote press it quickly and repeatedly. If convergence is off it will "appear" as though the cursor is animated. Sort of like the way we use to do animation on a notebook by drawing the pictures slightly off on each page.

  • When the convergence is "right on" the cursor will appear to not move as you quickly cycle using the '3' button.

  • If it is off, then using the 2-4-6-8 buttons move the red and blue to match the green. It takes a while to do this. The movements are really small. But once you get this it makes a huge difference.

  • Note that as you get out to the edges you can't get to each point, but only every other point. 

  • BTW, Which color grid you have up is totally immaterial. Pick the color that hurts your brain the least.  =)

  • To do all modes you must first start with the picture size set to standard, then move