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Avoid Convergence Burn-in

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Tip from Michael TLV:

"Here is a small tip that can go a long way to preventing pain and regret in the Toshiba X81 units and those from previous years as well.

Convergence grid burn in is a real concern and I have seen it now on at least one set. It isn't pretty. So what can you do about it?

The solution ... venture into the design mode and reduce the intensity of the convergence grids. Look for the following two parameters:


The value of the RGBC is around 7FH ... reduce that to 40H.

The value of the RGBB is around 40H ... Reduce that to 20H.

With this done, your convergence grid intensity is dropped considerably and it means you can spend more time in the mode to clean up those geometry problems the set may have.

Even with the grid intensity reduced ... it is still a good move to give the TV a break every 30 minutes or so by saving changes and watching regular TV for a while."