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65H80 & 61HX70 Convergence Tips

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Tip from Louis Carliner:  "The designer mode has been essentially done away with. This would be a problem with centering electrically the electrical static convergence centering, the inability to temporarily turn off convergence (CMUT) for verifying correctness of static centering and yoke skew, turning off the individual guns (TEST, ETEST) and for separately setting grayscale offset for the 480p and 1080i input types. However, in practice, I have found the grayscale tracking for 480p and 1080i consistent with the global base, and that color decoder accuracy quite good.

  1. In the user mode, there are 40 clicks at the extreme, with 20 clicks from one of the extremes being the center for static convergence centering. It is hokey, but it works.

  2. User adjustment mode can be entered and left while in service mode without leaving service mode. The "Sleep" key puts you in and the "Exit" key takes you out.

  3. When calling up RCUT, GCUT, BCUT, RDRV, BDRV grayscale tracking service items, you are in the Cool color temperature mode! When off of any of the five items, you will be in the color temperature mode previously selected while in the user mode! Thus, if you wish to use "Medium" or "Warm" as your basis, you will have to call up none of the above five items BEFORE taking your readings! This can be a real booby trap. Yet another reason to "look at the data"!