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Power Reset

Toshiba is reported to have Service Bulletin TV0103 to fix the Power Reset problem with some Toshiba sets.  This is reported to correct defective, failing, or failed components, more specifically a .47uF capacitor (Toshiba part number 23965241) tied to pin 54 of QA01 and the CA61 ground (GND).

This bulletin is reported to address issues with some sets that experience one or some of the following conditions:

  • Loud pop, then the TV goes blank/black, then the image comes back in 4:3 mode
  • Sound of a few clicks when the TV is initially turned on with the image going to 4:3 mode
  • TV is on and responsive to remote control commands (e.g., sound and switch on/off) but no image on the screen

If your set suffers from any of the above symptoms regularly and cannot be corrected by simply unplugging, waiting a few minutes, and replugging the set, then you may want to contact your local Toshiba service center to investigate the above fix.