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Flashing LED

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If your set all of a sudden won't come on, e.g., the screen is blank, but the LED on the under the screen next to the on/off switch keeps flashing, then there may be an internal fault on the set that needs to be reset.

To force the reset, try this:

  • Unplug the set and wait a few seconds
  • Replug and see if the video returns

Whenever the set senses an internal fault through its monitoring circuitry, it essentially shuts down the set.  The flashing LED provides the indication that a fault has been detected.  Removing power to the set resets the monitoring circuitry.  When plugged back in, the circuitry again does a check of the system.  If it finds that there truly is a problem, then the set is shut down and the LED will again flash.  In this case, you need to call a service tech.  Most of the time, however, the unplug/replug routine is enough to get the set up and running.