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65" Dimensions

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This question gets asked all the time, so I figured I'd post it here.

The Toshiba TW65X81 is huge in size and weight.

TV only:

Dimensions:  60 H" x 60" W x 29.5" D
Weight:  415 lbs

TV in the box:

Dimensions:  67" H x 64" W x 33" D
Weight:  475 lbs

If you are planning on building a cabinet to enclose the TV where the only part of the TV that is exposed is the screen, below is an image that gives the dimensions:

In building the cabinet, make sure that the cabinet is constructed in a manner that makes it easy for you to access the jack pack in the back. This means being able to move the TV out or the side cabinets so that you can gain access to the rear panel of the TV.

If you are planning to put something behind the TV such as backlighting, here is the profile info.