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Theater Wide Modes

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The Toshiba TW56X81 and TW65X81 (and I believe the TW40) come with a number of viewing modes:  Normal Mode which is the regular NTSC TV size of 4x9; Full Mode which is widescreen (16x9) used for Anamorphic DVDs; and three Theater Wide Modes (TW1, TW2, and TW3). 

  • TW1 maintains the central images close to their normal proportions while the left and right edges are stretched.

  • TW2 zooms the whole image to retains its true aspect, but some of the image on the top and bottom are lost.

  • TW3 stretches the whole image uniformly but some parts of the tops and bottom are slightly lost.  Horizontal stretch is greater than that in TW1.