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CW34X92 Review

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Below are excerpts from an owner's review on his CW34x92.  This model appears to be the same as the Canadian version CW34xC2.

"I received the CW34X92 today and my initial impression is wow!

The 9100 that I ordered will not be here until 10:00am tomorrow... so I am stuck watching bad cable and I can't run Video Essentials (I sold my old 2107 DVD player). I have reduced the sharpness to 0 and messed with the other settings.

My cable is very watchable on this TV and my cable is very bad. The stand that I ordered for the set is nice. It swivels at the base allowing for easy adjustment for a off center viewing position. (read... from my big green chair in the right corner of the room...)

The TV does have different progressive input modes for DVD and HDTV Decoder. I can only hope that the input is scaleable when I connect the 9100 tomorrow.

The tuner on this set is slow. In fact, when using the PIP feature there is a 2 to 3 second delay with no image. Not seamless but not the end of the world either.

All the material for this set is marked CW34XC2/CW34X92... so I assume it is "exactly" like the Canadian model.

  • The Anamorphic DVD's look like I have never seen them before on this set. WOW!!! I'm going 9100 to Progressive In and it is stunning. Thomas Crown affair is unbelievable. (I am only saying that the picture is great.) I have taken photos of this movie playing and will post them this weekend.
  • Non-Anamorphic DVDs are great... (they look better on this set than anamorphic dvds do on the Mitsubishi 46805.) However, the TV locks into full mode when you send 480p in the Color Stream inputs... so I am using the second set of color stream inputs as interlaced component video inputs. I was plesantly surprised. The image is very good. I still need to A/B the interlaced input vs progressive, but the TV is upconverting 480i to 480p and is doing a great job. The X-files DVD is so brilliant and colorful, the balcks are sooo black and the black oil intro is sooo smooth!!! (I have photos of this also...) If I have to I will leave it set up this way and split one of the inputs when I need to add an HDTV set top box.

The size of the TV Cabnet is as follows:
Width: 38 inches
Hight: 25 inches
Depth: 24 inches