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Touch Focus

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Tip from Michael TLV:  "Here's the scoop on the new Toshiba Touch Focus and how it interacts with the service menu.

You can teach the touch focus your service convergence work.  At the end of your convergence session after you hit "7" the Press Touch Focus line comes up.

If you press it, it will in fact learn the new convergence pattern based on the work you just completed.  I tested and confirmed this on a 42" 16:9 Toshiba today.  I took the red convergence way out ... saved it ... and pressed the TF ... and the result.

The end result was a red convergence that was out in essentially the same place where I had put it.  I then went and fixed the entire geometry and convergence and it was saved as the TF template.

Now near as I can figure it ... upon the first attempt with TF saving ... it captures about 90% of the work
you did in the service session.

On the next attempt ... it got closer and closer. 

You likely need to do it 3 to 4 times and it will be pretty close.

  • 1st iteration.  15 minutes to do.
  • 2nd iteration.  5 minutes
  • 3rd iteration.  3 minutes
  • 4th iteration.  2 minutes.

Well at least it is confirmed and those out there with the set need not be scared of pressing it anymore.