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What makes up the Screen?

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Image above courtesy of Paul Warren

Quick note on the TW56x81 Manual

Tip from David Alvarado:  If anyone wants to update their Toshiba TW56x81 Service Manual, here are some new part numbers to add on page 66. 

Part No Location
Description Notes
23841458 06C02 BEZEL EXTRUSION VE Vertical piece for left or right side - TW56X81 only.
23841457 07P02 BEZEL EXTRUSION TO Top piece with "TheaterWide HD" logo - TW56X81 only.
23841848 09P02 BEZEL EXTRUSION BT Bottom piece, just like top but without logo - TW56X81 only.
23527107 18V06 BEZEL CORNER PIECE Corner piece for any corner. I know it works for TW56X81 and I *think* this should work for TW65X81 as well.