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H80 Screen Removal

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Tip from Louis Carliner:   "Compared to the past TW65H80 and TW65X81 models, some welcome change in the screen construction have been made, as flimsy as the new design may appear.

  1. The need to disassemble the frame at the corners (with its ten screws per corner!) and the concommit need to check for racking upon reassembly has been eliminated. What a timesaver here!
  2. The metal clamps have been replaced with the plastic version, as flimsy as it may seem to be. The need to glue the 3/8" by 1/8" cross-section wood strips (preferably painted black on the two narrow sides and one of the wide sides) remain.
  3. Complete removal, rather than relocation of the glare screen layer, is still preferred for best success in eliminating lenticular sag.
  4. The modified plastic pieces (as in item 3) appear to be of superior effectiveness in ease of preventing lenticular sag! On the last 65H80 I just worked with, all traces of sag was absent upon the first reassembly!