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Focus Adjustment

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Tip from Paul Hives:  "Here's a great tip for checking the focus of the guns:

  • Swing the screen out on its hinge point at the top.
  • Observe where the cross goes out of focus on each color.
  • Then bring the screen back to center, and use a dry towel to push gently in and observe the same thing, even though you obviously can't push in as much as the screen comes out.
  • When you have got the cross so it stays absolutely in focus for half an inch in, and half an inch out also, you are dead center.
  • To adjust focus on the CRT's you must loosen the wingnuts on the lens assembly and rotate them. To be careful I used a piece of masking tape and marked the original position just in case. The most it should need moved is " one way or the other."

Words of Caution:

"Beware of what you are touching. Unless you perceive that there is a problem with the focus of the CRT's I wouldn't mess with it. If it looks focused I'd leave it alone. There is a lot of voltage as you know running around in a TV chassis.

If you must do this I would recommend that two people do it. One to handle the screen and one to mess with the guns."

Paul credits Mr Bob for this tip.