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65H80 Focus Adjustment

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Tip from David Guggenheim:  "I recently did a mechanical focus on my Toshiba 65H80. I did not reverse the lenses so the wingnut was in the back (as suggested by many sources), because Tom Herman reported that the lenses are not symetrical, so I figured that there was a reason they installed them with the wingnuts in the front.

I used the string method but I routed the strings through 3 different areas off to the side of the CRT frame before exiting the strings out the front near the bottom. This allows the pulling to be sideways rather than forward. I used 2 strings for each wingnut (tied together to make a loop and labelled with the proper color). I made sure that each set of strings did not pull through the same hole or area of the CRT frame, so that when I pulled one set of strings it would not grab onto the other strings and move them also. 

From what I remember, the CRT frame has 2 holes in each side, one on top of the other. There is also an area at the bottom front corner of the frame (below the holes) where a string can be pulled. 

The strings to the middle gun, green, went through the bottom hole in the CRT frame, left and right. The closest gun to each side (red on the left and blue on the right) went through the upper hole to give it the most perpendicular pulling force. The farthest gun on each side went to the opposite side's bottom front corner opening because it had the furthest pull.

Doing it this way allowed me to exert and sideways pull rather than a foward pull and I didn't have to reverse the lenses. Just make sure the lenses barrel rotates freely and the strings don't catch each other."