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For Models 52RW64E, 44RW65ES, 52RW65ES, 52RW77WS. 

Tip from Chauvin Didier.  From the TV control Panel

  1. power off the TV,
  2. then power it on holding PROG- and VOL-.

For Model 52RW87ES

Tip from Gerard Mineo.  Just a word about the service menu for the Thomson 52RW87ES.

To access this menu,

  • Switch off the TV from the remote controler first
  • Then power off the TV with from the TV board.
  • Then power on the TV while pressing the Vol- and Prog- until you see the service menu appear on the screen.

For Model 32VK35US

Tip from Chauvin Didier.  After searching the web for months I finally found how to get into the service menu on my Thomson 32VK35US TV set (which has the ICC20 chassis apparently). At last - a perfectly aligned widescreen picture! Anyway, here's the method, translated from a rather bad French original...

  1. Use the remote control to put the set into Standby mode.
  2. Press and hold the "Vol -" button on the front of the set.
  3. Press and hold the "Prg -" button on the set. Keep both buttons down for about 8 seconds, then the TV will turn on and the service menu will appear.

There are a few simple menus, making it pretty easy to adjust all the usual things. While in service mode you can press "Exit" on the remote to get an unobscured, full-screen view of adjustments, after which the Blue FastText button gets you back into the service menus.

Hope someone finds this useful.. I did!"

Here's a website on Thomson Service Menu provided by Michel Baulez.   Site is in French but it may be of some use.