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XBR400 Review

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Tip from Michael TLV:  "I had an opportunity on Saturday to play around with the new 36xbr400 unit at the local higher end A/V store here in Edmonton. I had just popped in to tell the staff about a little quirk I discovered about the calibration I had performed on their 61xbr300 a couple weeks previously. That set was already gone ... so I browsed around and saw both the new 32 and 36" xbr units.

I pulled the equipment from the trunk and unloaded it in their theater room and got to work taking some initial readings from the set and seeing how this new set stacked up.

Nice to see that Sony now refers to colour temp settings as cool (blue white description), neutral, warm (reddish white/ntsc STD). I took my initial readings at the NTSC standard setting. Up came the 20 ire window from VE ... 6550K ... not bad at all, looking good.

Next came the 100 ire window and ... 7800K ... well on the blue side and nothing is perfect.

Got down to calibrating this one and it dialed in a D6500 from 20 to 100 ire fairly linearly +/- 40 ... very nice end result and easy to do too.

Up next was to go to the Red Haired girl plate in VE ... and here came the initial disappointment. Too too red. Boy oh boy the girl was glowing red.

Have to mess with the red decoder because this one has red push and bad too. 

$4000 ... CDN retail ... gotta think hard about that ... and when you hear what the dealer cost is ... you will throw up I tell you.

A nice unit that calibrated amazingly close.

As usual ... your XBR may vary."

Bonus Tip: About the 61" XBR

When asked about a quirk he found on a 61" XBR, here's his reply:

"Aside from the colour temp flux between 4:3 mode and 16:9, the quirk had to do with the set retaining all grayscale calibrations until the set was unplugged at which time it resets itself to the precalibration condition.

So the changes have to be physically saved to keep them in memory. AKA write to memory command. Actually bodes well for what I do for the stores.