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Red Push Fix

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Tip from Mike McLaughlin on KW34HD1:  Most direct view TVs including the Sony emphasize red, even after adjusting saturation and tint. This tip to eliminate red push is adapted from a suggestion by Anthony W. Haukap. (Use at your own risk!).

  • Enter the service menu (Display, 5, Volume up, Power on).
  • Press 2 repeatedly until you reach Device Item 2101-4.
  • Press 1 repeatedly until you reach Item 20, RYR. The default value is 6.
  • Write down the value just in case, so you can reverse the adjustment if necessary.
  • Press 3 repeatedly to increase the value to 12. (Don't press any other buttons!)
  • Press Muting then Enter to save.
  • Press power off to exit service mode. This adjustment will apply to all inputs.

After going through these steps, the AVIA color decoder check shows red only 5 percent above green and blue. Bright reds no longer look orange. Flesh tones are natural and all other colors look better too.

Another Tip to Eliminate the Red Push:

  • Set the AXPL setting to 1

Another option of course is to use a Red Push Attenuator.