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KW34-HD1 Tweak to show 480P

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Tip from George Zachary:  "Yes! After an incredible amount of late night hacking on my Sony 34" KW-34HD1, I have found a service mode solution to make the Sony 34" HD1 terminals accept AND display the 480P of the Toshiba 9100!!!!!!

This is what I did:

Enter service mode

  1. With TV off: press the DISPLAY key, then press the 5 key, then press the VOL+ key, then press POWER ON, all within one second of each other on the remote.
  2. then TV will turn on in service mode
  4. Use the #2 key to cycle to the "OP" submenu of the service menu.
  5. Once there, go to variable #1, "AFD", of the "OP" submenu. To get there, the #1 key and #4 key on your remote control will go forward or backward in the submenu. Once to "AFD", change its value from 0 to 1. Do this using the #3 or #6 key (which increment or decrement the variable's value.
  6. Once I did this, the 34HD1 accepted the 9100's 480P signal (coming from the 9100's 480P terminals!)
  7. It appears that AFD is some kind of sync detection.
  8. You can permanently write this into the 34HD1 memory. Do the following on your remote control while in service mode in the OP submenu: While looking at AFD variable with its' value at 1: press MUTE or MUTING, press ENTER.

A couple of notes that might help you. First I had a disc in the 9100 playing with the 9100 set to 16:9 mode in its menu. When I first went into the service menu as per above, the 34HD1 displayed "HD-No Sync" in it's upper right hand corner. Once I set AFD to 1 from 0, it then showed the 480P picture! and "HD-No Sync" was replaced with "HD-480P"!

The results: looks great! and no artifacts!

Remember: be really careful per above and don't screw with other variables otherwise you could whack out the 34HD1.

If you want to experiment more, I strongly suggest getting the 34HD1 service manual from Sony.

Note 1: this change is not documented in any Sony literature or service manuals. It just took me a bunch of effort to do.

Note 2: You can reverse the AFD variable in the service menu back to zero again and write it back into memory if you needed to or had to. Keep them in memory. AKA write to memory command. Actually bodes well for what I do for the stores.