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Service Menu

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Tip fro Rick Gladys:  The procedure for getting into the service menus of Zenith 851 and Runco Cinema Pro 750 projectors is:

  • Hold the "menu" button down until the Demonstration screen shows up,
  • Then on the remote, type:  9 8 7 6
  • Press Enter

This gets you into the Service menu of the projector.

As far as doing sizing and convergence on these older projectors (and there are a lot of them out there), the best site I've found is They've got a downloadable guide on how to adjust the 46 pots on these projectors, step by step. Instead of guessing, you get PERFECT convergence everytime! I mean everytime! Razor sharp picture on my 100 inch screen. I printed the whole thing out and keep it in a binder. An invaluable resource for older projector owners who don't have all the new computerized convergence gadgets on their projectors.

Brightness on these projectors can be improved too. Kroll has a modified prom chip for these projectors that dithers the scan lines to fill in the black lines between the scan lines (it lengthens the pixels that make up each scan line, filling in the black between the scan lines), resulting in a smoother and brighter picture. They sell it for $99 and from what I've seen from a friend, it's well worth it (mine is enroute from them). Beats paying tons for a line doubler, especially since these units can't support them.