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5801C Color/Tint Codes

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Tip from Mr Bob:  "For those of us who have been so gifted by the work of some of the great service menu surfers around these forums, we have discovered the codes necessary to go into the Toshiba service menu and recalibrate the centering of the user Color and Tint controls in the progressive HD section of the new Tosh HDTVs, via the blue filter test. They're not ID'd in the service manual, and I was foundering on how to do this until some wonderful forum soul pointed them out, deep in the Designer menu. Me thanks to ye, wonderful forum soul -- So I am going to try and give back a little here, and give out the codes that Runco changed when they took the Toshiba and turned it into a Runco. The Runco tech I got these from resisted like crazy, saying I was just creating more work than necessary for myself, because all you have to do is set them as user settings in the Runco scaler -- that box that makes this unit the 5801c rather than just a 5801 -- and forget it, but I finally convinced him that I wanted the TV to be able to stand on its own, with or without its proprietary scaler attached.

One thing I will say about the Runco techs -- you can actually get to them, 24 hours a day. They wear beepers when off duty, and we had 2 techs return calls after hours, each returning the call within 10 minutes. Unheard of, in this field, normally.

I will also be reviewing that Runco soon, so stay tuned. I just completed calibrating one, and as soon as I have a spare hour or two, I will be writing down my findings and posting them here.

The current Toshiba Designer mode codes for recentering the progressive-mode Color and Tint user controls are in Designer section:

  • Tint: WDTN
  • Color Level: WDCC

The Runco locations in Designer mode are:

  • Tint: HTNC
  • Color Level: HTLC

The locations that work for the Toshibas don't do anything for the Runcos, you have to use these instead.

Stay tuned for the review, coming up hopefully within the next week or two.

A hint: the extra money you pay for the Runco name over the Toshiba name certainly doesn't go into having the unit any more ready for precision viewing out of the box than the typical Toshiba. Be prepared to need a calibration on an out of the box Runco just as much as you'd need one on any out of the box Toshiba or Mit, if high-precision viewing is to be your goal.