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Tip from Christopher L:  Please see words of caution throughout the page

"Here's the info. Special thanks to Leo Vildosola for all his help!

You can access the service menu by pressing and holding 'MENU', then pressing 'POWER', followed by 'VOL +'. This must be done using the controls on the front of the set. The set can be on or off. Make sure that it's warmed up for about 30-40 minutes before making any adjustments.

NOTE: If the set is on when attempting to access the service mode you will see the user menu come on when you press the 'MENU' button. Just ignore it and continue with the key sequence. The user menu will go away once you enter the service mode.

Upon successfully entering the service mode, you will see two values, P:0 and V:0. You can change these values with CH.+/- and VOL.+/-, respectively. You can start using the remote now. Pressing 'POWER' at any time will take you out of the service mode. If you enter the incorrect value for P or V you will be kicked out of service mode, just enter it again.

To access the convergence controls, change V to V:80 (VOL+), then press CH+. You should see a cross hatch pattern with a yellow cross in the center. To move the cross use the CH. and VOL. buttons. Using the direction controls on the remote will adjust the red\blue phosphors to the green. The default is to adjust red convergence. Pressing the INFO button on the remote will switch to adjusting blue convergence.

When you enter convergence through service mode, take note of the cross hatch pattern. See if the lines are all parallel to each other. If the geometry is off you will see curves on the pattern. If this is the case you may also need to perform geometry adjustments. Typically, this is done before the convergence.

Convergence Adjustment

  1. Warm up TV for 30 to 40 minutes.
  2. Adjust convergence through user controls on the remote
    • Press MENU, select SCREEN, select ADJUST PROJECTION TV.
    • Perform green centering, the adjust Blue and Red centering.
  3. Access service menu-convergence controls as described earlier.
  4. With cross hatch pattern visible, press RESET on remote. This will perform an auto convergence. CAUTION: Some folks have discovered that doing this totally SCREWED UP their set. So doing more research (e.g., getting a service manual) before doing this is highly recommended.
  5. Touch up convergence throughout the pattern where needed.
    • Note that the default is to adjust red convergence.
    • To switch to blue convergenge hit the INFO button.

That's it for convergence. Pressing the power button will take you out of service mode and save your changes."

Word of Caution from an RCA owner

"My set is still under warranty and I will have it fixed by a technician, but I just think it would be a good idea to warn the author about the side-effect of doing the auto-convergence.

On my set, it did it  (although I didn't quite notice it) but it screwed up my geometry and I think this is a serious issue when you don't know how to fix it after. No need to tell you I would have never pressed the reset button if I'd knew it would have this effect on my set!"