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Optical Focus Adjustment

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Tip from Christopher L

  • "Remove the panel on the back of the set (again I was able to access this from the front as well).  You will see the neck of the three lenses. There is a butterfly nut on a screw.

  • Loosen this up. You can now move left and right to focus the lens. Do this for each lens. I usually do them green, red, then blue.

  • One thing you will want to do is put up a crosshatch pattern with dots (VE or AVIA) to perform the optical focus. Use a couple of mouse pads to cover the lenses that you are not adjusting. You will either need a mirror or someone to tell you how close you are.

  • Touch up the electrical focus for best results. It is a small box in front of the set with six adjustable screws. Three are marked FOCUS and the other three are marked SCREEN.

    DO NOT adjust the ones marked screen!!

  • Bring up the colored crosses again (Press MENU, select SCREEN, select ADJUST PROJECTION TV.) and adjust each screw (R,G,B) until the coordinating colored cross is as focused as possible."

  • From the set top (RCA F38310 - Manufacture Date March 2001)
  • Press and Hold together... Menu-OK and Info and Vol +

The information in the Service Menu seems to be more limited than in this set that the others."