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Tear/Flash Problem

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The problem as described by Pioneer owners and the fix:

Owner 1

"What I see periodically is a very fast, usually light colored flash that goes upward somewhat from left to right, with several shorter lines that radiate from the bottom of the large one, downward and to toward the left. It's somewhat like a momentary breakup of the horizontal sync.

It's so brief that it's easy to miss, but I definitely see it on my x510, which was manufactured in Dec 99'. It ONLY occurs on NTSC, never on HD, and I'm so happy with the set otherwise I just haven't got myself worked up to put the heat on the dealer or Pioneer to get it resolved. I would like to get it resolved, but I guess I also have some misgivings about letting anyone touch the set."

Owner 2

"The flash/tear problem on the x10 series supposedly has been taken care of. My 710 has no flash/tear problem. It is my understanding that the older 510 & 610's had a flash/tear problem. Pioneer has identified the problem and it is a simple fix that the local service center could order the parts and fix. A lot of people that purchased newer 510 & 610's have posted in the forum and have said that they are not seeing the flash/tear problem."

FIX to the Flash/Tear Problem

"There is a fix by pioneer for the flash tear problem. It is their "service information" memo No. SI-H54078-G dated Feb. 10, 2000. The service remedy includes changing a resistor (RSV16S4715) and adding a capacitor (CKCYB222K5). They also have to readjust the H-phase because picture will shift horizontally after applying the fix."

The service bulletin states that it is applicable to the 510HD, 610HD, *AND* SD582 and SD532 models.  The 710HD is NOT mentioned in the bulletin.

Here is an account by Charles Ledbetter:

"I had my 610HD repaired today for the flash/tear problem. It's unquestionably fixed. I sat in front of it for several hours afterwards and it never flashed once. It's never gone that long since the day I bought it.

As stated before, the repair is a resistor and a capacitor. The resistor is TINY. So small that the technician took my board back to his shop so he could solder it under a magnifying glass. 

The repair DID NOT reset any factory defaults. All settings and convergence were just as they were before the repair.

This problem has been put to bed."