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Screen Removal

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Tip by Michael TLV:  Here is a quick step by step look at how to take the protective screen off the new 2002 Pioneer RPTV’s. Not yet applicable to the Elites until I work on one.

There is a significant redesign of the front panel of the TV this year compared to years previous. At first glance, the bottom speaker cover does not want to come off at all … if you think it is held on by the same super velcro as last year. It isn’t. But if you look close along the bottom … you will see a series of screws that hold the grill on.

Take this off. Now you will have to unplug the front panel to get everything off. You will unplug the main power to the TV and the TV will shut off. But look closely, there is a second plug in for the main power on the front end of the TV itself. Take the plug and connect it to the second jack on the TV. You cannot miss it … Now your TV comes back on and you can continue.

The next thing to do is to unscrew the bottom corners of the side panels along the screen. With this done, you can pop off the bottom of the panel and slide it down slowly from its connection at the top corners of the screen assembly. With these side panels off, the screen is supported on by the top and the bottom. The sides are exposed and you can look into the TV cabinet. The screen is also very flimsy.

Next up is to take the top panel off. Now unlike the previous generations of sets where you had to struggle for dear life to pry the frame off, no more. Just move the top panel a few inches to the right and the top comes off. No more fighting. But watch out for the screen. No more top support either. … be very careful.

Now take the screen off … reverse the stack … and put everything back together again.

This will take you a good 30 to 60 minutes to figure out. Be patient and be careful.