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SD58 Convergence

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Tip from Michael TLV:

"Here is a simple walk through of how to do it in service mode ...

  1. Toothpick into hole in front panel.

  2. press set/enter button. It's the one surrounded by the directional cursor keys.

  3. The full mode grid pops up first. to change grids ... hit the mode button upper left part of remote. it cycles through f-n-c-z-(h)

  4. The cursor is hiding in the top left corner ... cursor keys move it into view.

  5. Pick mode you want to converge ... work on "red" first ...

  6. Cursor the box to where you want to converge the lines. press set/enter locks the cursor and a R with coordinates shows up. It tells you that you are converging red.

  7. Cursor keys to converge the red.

  8. Set/enter to unlock cursor and move to next position.

  9. Repeat.

  10. Do blue next. lock the cursor down on a spot. The R appears. Now use channel +/- (big buttons) to scroll through r - g - b ... when B appears ... you can converge blue from now on.

  11. When all done ... hit "menu" just above the cursor keys to save changes.

  12. Press toothpick 2 times to get out of service mode.

  13. To do HD convergence ... have a HDTV signal handy and enter service mode. see garbled mess set/enter as normal and cycle to H in the mode. It is the only pattern that is stable in this mode. Continue as usual.