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High Definition Convergence

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Tip from Louis Carliner:   Here is a very important note concerning converging high definition Pioneer and other displays. This is inspired by a problem that Bob Jones (Mr. Bob) ran into:

Some of the "spectrum squatting" stations, like Fox broadcasts in 480p. Some of the HD receivers (like the Zenith) passes such signal on as 480p rather than upconvert (as does the RCA DTC-100) to 1080i or 540p.  As a result, there will be no sync'ing up to 1080i on the Pioneer. If problem is encountered in which 1080i cannot be brought up when tuned to a DTV station while in the service mode, try another station! On the Pioneer 31K is the rate for 480p and 33K is the rate for 1080i (or 540p).

In order to converge 1080i on the Pioneer, the PyPbPr form of the signal must be available. RGB will not sync up the grid pattern. However, once the convergence and geometry using the PyPbPr form has been done, RGB convergence and geometry (except for raster phasing) will have been done."