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If you'd like to tweak your Panasonic system, below is an excellent link that provides you with information to do so.

  • Panasonic Service Menu  for the following TVs:
    • CT-27SF24V
    • CT-31SF24V
    • CT-31XF24CV
    • CT-27SF34V
    • CT-27XF34CV
    • CT-33SF24TV
    • CT-F29992V
    • CT-F29992VV
    • CT-F29992LV
    • CT-F29992XV
  • Panasonic PT56 series set, click here.
  • Panasonic HD Plasma set, click here.

Do the codes at the link above work?

A Panasonic owner, David Kennedy, says yes with a few qualifications.

"Yes, I just tried these instructions last weekend on this exact model and it worked fine.

The only catch is at the end, when it says you hit "power" and "action" (or whatever) and the instructions say the TV will restart: the instructions are actually slightly off at this point. Instead, when you hit those buttons the TV will display a screen which looks like a self-check diagnostic. I think I hit "power" or "power" and "action" again, to get the TV back into it's normal mode; so, there's just a step left out at the end.

By the way, there's absolutely no way to adjust the TV without those tables of codes from that web site. All you can see on the screen is a bunch of hex numbers."

Panasonic TX-W28R3 (and similar models)

Tip from Arpad Kothai:  The remote control is used for entering and storing adjustments, with the exception of cut-off adjustments which must always be done prior to service adjustment. Perform adjustments in accordance with screen display. The display on the screen also specifies the CCU variants as well as the approximate setting values. The adjustment sequence for the service mode is indicated below.

  1. Set the Bass to maximum position, set the Treble to minimum position, press the Reveal on the remote control and at the same time press the Volume on the customer controls at the front of the TV, this will place the TV into the Service mode.
  2. Press the RED/GREEN buttons to step down / up through the functions.
  3. Press the YELLOW/BLUE buttons to alter the function values.
  4. Press the STORE button on the preset panel after each adjustment has been made to store the required values.
  5. To exit the Service Mode press the Normalization button."

Last few tips from Donald:  After you get into the service menu, bring up the costomer menu and turn off the sleep timer or the set will turn off when the sleep timer counts down to 0. This is very imporant to do this when you are going to do convergance so the set won't shut off on you before  you are done.

Below is how you enter the Service Menu for the Tau CT34WX50.

  • Press and hold the VOL DOWN button on the tv set (not the remote)
  • Quickly the INFO/RECALL button three times