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Power Loss Glitch Fix

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From Michael TLV:  Here's a tip for possibly recovering from a seemingly fatal disaster with the 16:9 Panasonic RPTV's.   PT47/56/65 WX51/49 series.

Cause: TV hit by power failure ...and power is lost while TV is on (or not).

Symptoms:  TV image exhibits extreme fish bowl effect with convergence completely off.  The top and bottom of the screen appear to be cut off.

Possible Solution:  You need to enter the service menu of the TV and look at one parameter.  Once in, move the cursor to "VER" and hit enter.  A choice will appear ... 4:3 or 16:9. 

Select "16:9" ... hit enter unplug the TV ... wait a few seconds ... and plug it back in.

You should still be in the service mode ... now save the changes and exit the service menu as per the existing instructions.

All done ... and hopefully all fixed too.  Image back to normal.

Now some history on what happened.  Panasonic TV's use the same guts between their 4:3 and 16:9 RPTV's.  Essentially, a 4:3 51" set is the same as the 47" 16:9 set.  One just has a bigger cabinet than the other and and the 16:9 TV sells for more money.  The VER parameter in the service menu tells the TV what type of TV it is.  4:3 or 16:9.

You can make the 51" 4:3 TV into the 47" 16:9 TV by simply telling the TV it is 16:9.  When you reinitialize the TV ... the image area on the 4:3 TV is reduced to a 47" 16:9 shape.  A lot of convergence work and geometry work is needed to fine tune the set into a proper 16:9 unit.

So now you have a 51" 4:3 tv that behaves just like the 47" 16:9 set.   Even the 4:3 viewing will now have the standard graybars on the left and right of the image area.

Apparently, when the TV is hit with a power failure shock ... it may reset itself to the 4:3 mode.

Remember ... at no time am I talking about the "aspect" ratio button on the remote control.  This is very different from just cycling through 4:3 to Just to Zoom to Full ...