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Tip from John Golitsis:   Download the convergence grid for the Panny 47".

Tip from VWMan:  "The manual calls for setting all Static convergence data to zero before starting. This data exists for NTSC (FULL and ZOOM ), 1080i, 480p, and 720p also I believe. Note: static convergence is the G, R, B very simple convergence that you can access from the consumer menu. To get 'em all to zero you need the service menu.

A couple of remote buttons first:

  • "MUTE" button switches you between data/cursor. Cursor allows you to move the grid intersection selection and data allows you to adjust it.
  • "R-Tune" button cycles through different combinations R,G,B. For setting the Red to the Green choose just Red and Green (Yellow) turned on.
  • "TV/VIDEO" takes you through "Easy 2, Peripheral, Point, and Line". To enter "Easy 1" mode press TV/VIDEO for longer than 3 seconds. Here's what each mode of setup does;
  • Easy 1: Adjust grid by moving 9 points (center, outsides from center, and outside corners)
  • Easy 2: Adjust grid by moving more points ( center and every other point )
  • Peripheral: Never did figure this one out
  • Point: Adjust grid by every point.
  • Line: Adjust grid by moving a whole line ( good for sucking in a whole line )
    Work with the more general point movers and fine tune with Easy 2, and finally Point.
  • "5" Button - Used to superimpose the grid on your input. Nice for seeing what positive/negative effect your having on your favorite show/movie.
  • "7" Button (Important)is used to save your work to that point. If you wait too long you get to start over from your last save point or from the beginning if you forgot this to begin with ;-)

To begin, switch the television to an NTSC input and set the Picture Aspect Ratio to "FULL". Set up the Green raster first by lining it up as exact as possible with the convergence grid. Once you have the green just right then line up red on green, finally do blue. Blue "blooms" a bit so is best done last.

After you finish with "FULL" Picture Aspect Ratio go back and set to "ZOOM" and start all over again. Now the manual states that each input mode should have 6 vertical lines left and right of center and 4 horizontal lines top and bottom of center but in ZOOM the horizontal line count was different and they didn't line up with the grid. Maybe in your case it will be different. I have not gone back to look at it again since to double check that I followed all the steps correctly. Though I'm pretty confident I did.

After that if you have a 1080i, 480p, or 720p source switch to those inputs and adjust your convergence for them. If you don't have the input you won't be able to adjust convergence.

The convergence data is stored in memory locations. Once you are finished you want to copy data from P-1 to P5, from P-1 to P6, and from P2 to P7. I don't remember the exact steps to do this and the manual doesn't say.

Press the "8" button on your remote to invoke the Copy function."