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Disabling SVM

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Here is the procedure suggested to disable SVM on the Panny:

  • Pull off the speaker grill and unscrew the front panel.
  • Behind the center/green crt, find the IC board (SVM board).  There should be two white wires wound together connected to the board.   One wire should have a pink stripe on it.  These are the SVM wires for the green crt.
  • Simply pull out the SVM wire (some reported as labeled LG8) by gently pulling it out and from side to side.  Continue this until the connector is released. 
  • Repeat the process for the remaining two boards, red and blue.

Some have suggested that there is an even easier method to physically disable SVM and that is disconnecting the main SVM power.  It entails removal of a plastic socket/connector near the power supply (left rear side of the set looking at the set from the rear).