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Enabling 480P

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Tip by devilking666:  "How to set up the  Mitsubishi 803 and 903 series to accept 480p signal.


The following instructions should be followed by a qualified service person only. Doing the wrong thing in these menus could very easily render your TV unusable. We strongly recommend that you do not perform this setup yourself and we absolutely recommend that you not go mucking with any of the other parameters. We've seen actual Mitsubishi service folks totally screw up one of these sets by accidentally changing the wrong parameter so don't make the same mistake!


  • Press Menu button on remote to enter menu.
  • Hit 2357 to get into service mode.
  • There will be about eight different palettes of info one of which is "Video Chroma"
  • Select that one and hold down the "Video" button until the value changes to 50 which is the number of the parameter that you wish to change.
  • The title of the parameter is called "IN2", press up arrow to change from 0 to 1, press Enter to confirm, screen will turn red.
  • Hit Menu 2 or 3 times to exit all of the way out of the menu. 
  • Hit Menu again, then hit 1370 to get into a different service menu.
  • Go into 2nd or 3rd entry which is called HDTV Port. This should initially be configured as Auto. 
  • Hit Enter 4 or 5 times until it changes to "480p".
  • Then Menu a few times to exit out of the menu.

At this point the TV set will only be capable of accepting a 480p signal from the RGBHV inputs - it won't do anything else.

If you wish to switch to other inputs, you will have to undo these two
parameter changes - that is, you will have to change "IN2" back to 0 and "HDTV Port" back to "Auto".

Procedure above was confirmed to work by Doug Mccoy:

"I tried the service manual fix suggested by Devil, and am happy to report that it works!

The only problem is that the TV will only accept 480p when it is in this mode. Every time you want to switch to OTA or satellite, you have to go back into the service menu."

Doug uses the Extron CVC 200 to take the 480p input from his Toshiba 5109 and convert it to RGB into the Mits 65903.  He took a suggestion from Paul Carleton to use his Pronto to automatically change modes from 480p to non-480p sources.