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Vertical White Line Fix

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There are some Hitachi units reported to suffer from the vertical line problem.  It is described as a white line is approximately 1 inch wide and most visible when the background is a light color (e.g., downhill snow skiers, jets flying in a blue sky, etc.)

Alan Hanson reported that a fix was installed by Hitachi.  Here is his account:

"The service flash I have is from Sears Home Central - SF 57-3236 - dated 6/11/99 and was in reference to the 60SDX88B.  Tech says it applies to the 53SDX89B as both have the DP 86 Chassis, and the vertical white line problem. The Sears part number is 46-83740-3. I believe it will replace the jumper K761 with a coil (.8uH Ferrite Bead) which I believe is Hitachi part #2123461.

The tech installed the part above last night to correct the vertical white line problem. I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test the results, but it appears on initial observation that while it may not totally eliminate the problem it does reduce it to a case of you might if you really concentrate on looking for it. I tried the most obvious example by watching four different hockey games with white backgrounds. Each had a slightly varing degree of video quality. In three the line was virtually gone. In the fourth, everyone once in a while I thought I could vary faintly see it with the right camera pan. It might have been an optical illusion as I am so used to it being there. Keep in mind I was totally obsessed with just the line and was tuning out the rest of the picture. Even so, for all practical purposes it was diffused to the point of not being noticable when specifically looking for it. Watching the entire action (making no special effort to observe for the line) I never noticed it. I had difficulty locating sources of light blue sky, and other light backgrounds, but in those I found there was no observable line.

I did not notice any tradeoffs with the part installed. In other words, adding this doesn't appear to cause another problem (s). 

When installing the part the tech did find a wire that was not connected. I believe there are three ground wires to the crts and one of them was unplugged from the factory. The tech checked with Hitachi and they are to all be connected. As I understand it the loose wire had nothing to do with the line problem.

I am going to do some experimenting this weekend, and will report back any further observations. To get at the installation point to add the coil you have to completely take out the entire board, and flip it over to solder in the new part. So I need to reconverge, recalibrate, and make some other adjustments. 

Bottom line - it appears it is well worth getting the fix done."

Another Service Bulletin for the Vertical Bar

Below is information provided by another 60SDX88B owner (rlbmich).  The bulletin number is different.  This could be the Hitachi bulletin as opposed to the Sears bulletin above.

"The service bulletin my tech used was TC-PTV00-02.

A service technician was at my house Saturday 3/4 armed with a 4 page Hitachi service bulletin and many jumpers and diodes. He worked on the set for 2.5 hours, and I am happy to report that the 1" wide vertical white line down the center of the screen is TOTALLY GONE. Sorry to report that I don't have part numbers but whatever he did it worked. Hitachi just came out with the fix so if you have had this problem contact your service tech again. It is more than the jumper part # 2123461. That part was installed in January and it really did not fix the problem. By the way, I am very impressed with Hitachi service and support. They took this problem very seriously, never blew me off (even though a different local service tech did - he told me maybe it was just the "nature of the beast") and worked on it until it was fixed. I am convinced customer satisfaction is a real priority at Hitachi and I would definitely buy Hitachi in the future.