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New info from a Hitachi 43UWX10B owner MikeM:

To access the Service Menu to change the factory default convergence.

This works on an Hitachi 43UWX10B (projection Wide screen). May also work on others. Some information has already been give here. Mike has added a few wrinkles.

First, to access the menu you DON'T have to open the case.

  • Press Magic focus on the front of the tv once, than a second time to stop the procedure.
  • Right after it stops press the Status button. This will get you to the convergence reset screen.
  • Use 2,4,5,6 to move the crosshairs up, left,down & right respectively.
  • Use the Select (or big blue knob) to move the color (in this case red) around to center it on the white lines.
  • To change to blue hit " ANT " ,red is 0 (Zero). You may find that at the far edges of the screen the colored lines don't sit exactly on the white line or they are very blurry. This is to be expected just center it as best you can.
  • Saving
    • Hit PIP MODE once than a second time.  The screen will be blank for 4 seconds, the you will see a bunch a green dots.
    • Hit PIP CH, this will get you back to the convergence screen. That saved it to memory.
    • Now, to get the tv to use the new setting ** Hit PIP MODE once than PIP CH. It will go through a whole deal that looks kinda like when it goes through Magic Focus.
    • After that you will again be left with green dots, Hit PIP CH to go back to the Convergence screen.
    • Once there turn off the TV to exit.
    • Turn the tv on, press the Magic focus to realign to the new settings.

      If you press Magic Focus and all you see on the screen is 9 crosses, you did something wrong. You can't get back to the menu the same way, now you will have to open the case. Two screws on both sides (on the sides) hold the front panel in place.

      Under that is a pressboard panel. You will have to remove that and loosen or remove the face panel that has the buttons on it.

      Inside to the left on the circuit board is a blue button. Pressing it will get you back to the Convergence screen.

      Press PIP MODE than PIP CH wait for the green dots,

      Hit PIP CH. Start from the top.

Tip from Kris Metz on the 43FDX model service menu.  Edwin Herasymiuk however verified that info also works on his 53FDX set. So, the following info could be applicable also to similar models.

  • Open the front panel (four screws, 2 on each side).
  • Remove the center panel (six screws).
  • Press the blue button in the bottom left corner inside the set.  This will bring up the convergence grid. 
  • To navigate through the grid, you'll use the following buttons:
    • 2 for up
    • 4 for left
    • 5 for down
    • 6 for right
  • To make adjustments to the any accessible point on the grid, you will use the joystick.
  • To toggle or switch between the colors, you use:
    • 0 for red
    • Recall for green
    • Input for blue.
  • When happy with your tweaks, hit PIP MD twice, then PIP CH.
  • Click the Blue button to exit the Service Menu.. 
  • To exit without saving any changes, simply turn off the set.

Per Kris, "I thought others would be interested in this as I almost returned my set before learning this. My convergence was horribly off on the edges. I had this done and the picture is TREMENDOUSLY better - I'm now very happy with my $1699 digital TV purchase (cheaper than any 36" I could find!). This should work on the 53FDX01B and perhaps on other Hitachi RPTVs. Of course doing this voids your warranty, so do it at your own risk."

Quick note from Andrew Kelemen:

"After you press the convergence button and get the two cross hairs (located in the front panel next to the other inputs), you can hit the PIP CH button (the one right next to the PIP button) and a large grid appears (its like a large checkerboard). Being a novice I didn't attempt anything, but also noticed that if you hit the Exit buttons it will also change the colors for convergence." 

Presumably this is the same mode (service menu convergence) that Kris was able to access without opening the cover.

Comment from fellow Hitachi owner:

"While this (pressing the PIP CH button on the remote after you hit the convergence button on the front of the set) does in fact bring up the large grid you cannot move around in the grid by pressing the 1-2-3-5 buttons on the remote as you do when you get to the service menu by opening it up. You also cannot change the color as done in the service menu by opening it up. The only thing that does work is the joystick moving the red (default) in the center position. Which doesn't do anything more than the standard crosshairs in the center.  Hopefully someone can figure out how to make this happen because it is a pain to open this set up when it is on its stand."

Comment from Joe from Ohio:

Joe owns a 43fdxoib and contributes the following:  "One thing, when you hit pip mode the first time the tv display says SAVE TO ROM? Hit the pip mode one more time to save, then pip ch, then blue button to restore picture."

>>> CAUTION about that little BLUE BUTTON <<<