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Screen Removal

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Two accounts of screen removal are provided below.

Account 1: 

Tip from Mike Loew:

"Here are step by step instructions on how to remove the glare screen from new Hitachi RPTV. My model # is 53sdx01b built in Jan 2001.

First I am extremely happy with this TV. But the glare was more than a little annoying, so I decided to take the screen off, and WHAT a difference it made. Before any lights would reflect on the screen and anyone walking behind the viewing area would reflect on the screen. After removing the screen I believe that the perceived brightness went up about 30% without changing any Avia settings. I can now watch TV with my blinds open on a bright day and still have a beautiful picture, with NO glare. Why any manufacturer does not offer a optional removable screen is beyond me. This fix will take you about 3-4 hours to do. And I do not take any responsibility for your actions, as I assume that your warranty may be void but if you are very careful you can always but it back to factory condition and I doubt anyone would even know you were inside your set.

  • Start by taking the back mirror casing off the back of the tv,
  • then place a soft towel over the lenses,
  • then you will see 3 plastic tabs on each side of the TV, (see tab pic) there are 4 staples in each tab that will need to be removed. I used a putty knife and a screwdriver to pry the staples out and there is a small amount of glue behind the tabs, be careful as these tabs are very close to the screen, and one slip could scratch your screen.
  • When you get all 6 tabs loose and all 24 staples out you will need to bend the 4 metal clips back to about a 10 degree angle (see clip pic)
  • next take off the cloth speaker grill on the front of the TV and remove the 8 screws holding the screen in place these are right under the screen. You do not need to remove the 4 screws in the small wooden blocks.
  • Once you get the screws out you need to gently lift the screen up about 2" and pull the screen back and off.
  • Next lay the screen down on the carpet and draw a diagram of bracket and screw placement.
  • You will need to take the top and bottom rails off and also the 2 screws of the plastic railings in each corner, you can than pull the plastic rails apart. They slide into each other.
  • Once you get it apart you will have to take the tape off that holds the screen protector to the screen.
  • Put the screen back together and reassemble.
  • When you get it back on the TV you will need to go in the back of the TV and position the plastic tabs in the same spot and put new brads in the tabs.
  • When you get done you will need to carefully vacuum any dust and particle board chips up reassemble everything and then you will have a small gap in between the plastic housing and the screen (see screen filler pic).
  • I pushed the screen back against the metal rails and I used some 12 gauge black coated wire and cut it on all 4 sides and pushed it down in between the plastic housing and the screen using a putty knife. This will take up the gap just perfect and is a nice tight friction fit.

You may find another way to do this but I was happy with this result.

Good luck and enjoy your new TV as there is a night and day difference now. My wife was a little freaked out when I started taking a brand new $3000 TV apart, but now she is really glad I did it. You can see pics on my web site"

Account 2: 

Tip from Larry Martin.

"First off, I want to thank you for the Keohi web site.  It has some great tips, including Mike's information on removing the glare screen.  I just purchased a 53sdx01b, and have found lots of useful info.

After a week of having to look through the glare of our windows and lamps, I decided to tackle removing the glare screen using Mike's instructions and the pictures on his web site.  After removing the back, I started looking at the chore of trying to remove the staples in the plastic tabs.  I realized there would be no way to do it without possibly damaging the plastic tabs,  the cabinet, or worse.  

I knew there had to be a better way. After pondering the situation and looking over the setup for a while, I found it! 

You do not have to remove the staples to get the screen off.  I noticed that the frame of the screen had a slot in it.  The plastic tabs that are stapled to the cabinet have a male tab that appeared to snap into this slot.   Taking a small screwdriver, I placed it between the frame of the screen and the cabinet, right at the bottom of the plastic tab and gently pried it outwards.  Sure enough, the screen frame snapped right off! 

Working from the bottom up, I popped the frame loose from the tabs.  I was then able to lift the screen up from the bottom, in a hinge like motion, and remove the screen from the t.v.  This also meant that I did not have to bend  the metal tabs at the top.

After removing the glare screen, I reversed the motion, and put the screen back on.  Placing the metal frame at the top into the slot on the top   cabinet, I got the screen back in place and just pushed the frame back onto the tabs.  Snapped right in place.  Replaced the bottom screws and job   complete! 

Much easier than trying to remove those tabs, and no damage.

I'm sure if you look at an actual set, you will see what I am talking about.  I wish I had been able to take photos of the process, but no digital camera.  I feel it would be worth it to update the process on the web sites after you verify it.  It would be very easy for someone to damage their set trying to pry those staples out.