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Adjust Grayscale via Remote
vs. Trimpots

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Tip from Tom B:  "The SWX and UWX sets DO have remote control perameters to adjust the low level brightness grayscale.  In other words, you CAN adjust the "cuts" with the remote and not have to touch those nasty trimpots.

Always write down the original factory number for the setting(s) so you can go back to it if necessary. I don't want you to "mess anything up" on your set.

It would be best if you could check out the service manual, page 31, but if you don't have it, maybe this will do. It is nice to know though that there is a "factory reset" selection choice at the bottom of the OSD adjust mode.

  • To access the Adjust mode OSD, open the small door on the front of your set and press INPUT + POWER.
  • The service manual specifies that all adjustments should be made in the "COOL" temp. setting with all video menu settings at 50% except for contrast which should be set at 100%. I can't bring myself to set my contrast at 100%. You suit yourself. Press "up" or "down" on the toggle blue button on the remote to navigate and select R(ed) cut, G(reen) cut, and/or B(lue) cut.

Again, please write down the original number setting for each cut before you start to adjust.  Press "left" or "right" to adjust the selection. You will , of course, have to have something as a reference to use to set your color.

In other words a frame from a movie (paused) with the ugly green in it that you know should be gray.  I'm sure if a ISF Tech. reads this, he will die laughing or pull his hair out at this primitive suggestion. There is no doubt that it would be much , much better to enlist his services!!! I use an 18 % gray card illuminated by a 6500 degree Kelvin florscent light to help set the color of gray. ( The same bulb I use for backlighting my set)."