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Turning Graybars to Black

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Tip from Jason Hobbs

After getting into the service menu of this TV, you can easily change those ANNOYING grey bars in widescreen mode (the setting may be the same for 16:9 sets in 4:3 mode) by changing the setting "PANEL BRT" (in the FREX CONT menu) to something like 10 or even 00.

This controls the grey level of the bars, and when reduced below 10 the bars aren't even visible any more.

I realize that many people suggest against removal of the grey bars for screen-burn reasons, but on my 60SDX88B 4:3 TV, I use the widescreen mode only when watching DVDs, which is probably less than 20% of my set's usage time, so I'm not too worried about it...

Beware of doing this on a 16:9 set if you frequently watch 4:3 programming with the grey bars, though.